Hurricane Michael hits the Florida panhandle

Just a few days ago, Michael was predicted to be a relatively weak storm. Nothing to ignore, but certainly nothing historic. It seemed that Hurricane Michael strengthened out of nowhere! Before we knew it, they were predicting a category 3 hurricane to hit the panhandle and ordering mandatory evacuations in Panama City Beach. When Michael eventually made landfall to our east, it measured at a category 4 with devastating 155 mph winds.

Both of our condos were occupied, of course, since it was fall break for so many schools and the beach was perfect! With our guests evacuated, all we could do was watch and wait. It took until this afternoon to find out the condition of our two condos at Splash. Our wonderful realtor, John Skinner, Sr of the At the Beach realty team, drove out to check on the property and take pictures for us.

As you probably know by now, Hurricane Michael pummeled Panama City and Mexico Beach, which are to the east of us. The east side of the hurricane is always the most dangerous. In Panama City Beach, and particularly on the west end where Splash is located, the storm was much weaker. The arrows on the map below show where the storm was strongest.

We are very grateful that our PanBeach Condos were spared! We have sustained ZERO damage! There’s some cleanup to be done at Splash, but nothing major.

The beach remains as beautiful as ever, although the water is not the crystal green/blue we’re used to seeing. Hurricane Michael stirred up the water and the waves were huge!

We still have power at Splash, but all of Bay County doesn’t have water service. Two water pumps at the dam are damaged and need to be repaired. Once the water service returns, we should be up and ready for visitors again. We hope to have you come and stay soon! Click here to book your next vacation.

Please continue to support and pray for everyone in Panama City and in Mexico Beach. Many people have lost everything and will need lots of help to rebuild. This interactive map shows satellite imagery after Hurricane Michael.


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