What to do in Panama City Beach – Sea Screamer Dolphin Cruise

Sea Screamer Dolphin Cruise

When you’re at the beach, have some fun and get out on the water!

Sea Screamer offers 3 great options for you:

Dolphin Cruise


Dolphin cruises last about 2 hours, giving you beautiful views of Panama City Beach and a tour of the waters around Shell Island and the State Park. Then ride 10 miles up the world’s most beautiful beach! The dolphins love to play in the wake, so you’re sure to see some.

Snorkel Trip

Wear your swimsuit and bring a towel, they’ll provide the snorkel gear and the transportation! The water here is so beautiful and clear, don’t you want to see who’s swimming in it with you? If you’re really lucky, you may get to swim with dolphin friends! These tours last about 2½ hours.

Sunset Cruise

The sunsets in Panama City Beach can’t be beat! Why not watch the sunk sink down over the water FROM the water? Dolphins love to play at sunset, and you’re virtually guaranteed to see some!

3605 Thomas Drive (on the east end of the beach)

Sea Screamer runs seasonally from March-October. In the off season, they run during the busier times if the weather permits.

How much?
Kids under 2 = $12
Kids 3-11 = $17
Ages 12+ = $22
Ages 60+ = $21

Add $3 for sunset cruises (our personal recommendation)

Snorkel trips are $40/person


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