Things to do in Panama City Beach – Beach Safety

We’ve all seen the flags on the beach, but do you know what they mean? Knowing how to interpret the flags will keep you and your family safe, so please take a minute to learn about beach safety.

Double Red- Danger! Water Closed to Public
Single Red-High Hazard, High Surf and/or Strong Currents
Yellow-Medium Hazard, Moderate Surf and/or Currents
Green-Low Hazard, Calm Conditions, Exercise Caution
Purple-Dangerous Marine Life (Usually Jellyfish)
*Absence of Beach Flags Does Not Assure Safe Waters*

If you see Double Red flags, DO NOT get in the water! It’s very dangerous, and you’ll usually see police patrolling the beach telling people to stay out of the water. Good news: we hardly ever see Double Red flags. Usually only if a hurricane is coming through, like last year during Irma & Maria.

Enjoy the beach and remember that safety is important! If the gulf isn’t safe today, just go in one of the awesome pools at Splash!


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One thought on “Things to do in Panama City Beach – Beach Safety

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    12/07/2018 at 5:46 am

    Great article, thanks for the tips! Indeed, Panama is one of one of the more unique places to visit in Central America, thanks to the magnificent Panama Canal, where one can take a cruise to fully explore this waterway.

    However, there are tourist-targeting scammers and petty crime to be wary of.

    Do be wary of the magazine and sticker scams, the millionaire drive, fake police, gold / emerald shop price scam, boat tour scam, rigged ATMs, fake goods, taxi card swipe, and many more!


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